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New eairshock

Step into the Future

let's present the finest horse boots ever created

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a new way in providing maximum comfort and protection to your horses eyes while riding

The eVysor offers superior UV protection from bright Sun Eye sensitivity and discomfort, Eye injury, Uveitis, Head shaking syndrome,  they protect from Dust, Debris/ Branches and Wind while riding.

Available in 5 different lenses with different luminous transmittance

and filter category

Our terapeutic line offers for your horse the best solutions in terms of results, design and durability.

horse care

In the last years we developed a lot this range because of the huge and concrete results that we have had. Thanks to your feedback and case-study pathologies we can offer a wide range of products.

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venere breeches

Discover the perfect style and functionality with our Venere Breeches, tailored exclusively for women who demand excellence in horse riding.

eQuick Venere Breeches gives you a total new look but also ensures a flattering fit, making you stand out in the arena or while training.

Our eQuick Venere Breeches are designed to withstand the needs of horse riding, offering four-way stretch for unrestricted movement, excellent support, and remarkable shape retention. Experience comfort like never before, maintaining breathability and ensuring better contact with your horse.

best sellers

here below you can discover the most sold items on our online store, the list is always updated and based on real purchase from our website

Discover equick line

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