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let's present the finest horse boots ever created

Step into the Future with the Revolutionary eAirshock Collection – Available Now!


We are excited to unveil the latest innovation in equestrian gear: the eAirshock Collection. A game-changer in both design and technology, this collection is designed to set new standards in comfort, protection, and style for riders of all levels. Available now on our website, the eAirshock Collection is here to transform your riding experience with features that are simply unparalleled in the market.

Unmatched Comfort and Ventilation

At the heart of the eAirshock Collection is a dedication to unparalleled comfort and breathability. The inner part of each piece boasts a sophisticated blend of 4D mesh and ventilated neoprene. This innovative combination not only gives a fresh look from the inside but also ensures enhanced lightness and effective air circulation, keeping you comfortable throughout your ride.

Lightweight Design

Understanding the needs of pro and semi-pro riders, we've made a significant leap in design by reducing the weight of our boots by 32% compared to our previous eShock models. This lighter design translates to greater freedom and less fatigue, allowing you and your horse to perform at your best.

Softness Like Never Before

Experience softness like never before with our eAirshock Collection. We've made our boots 3 times softer, a feature you'll immediately appreciate, especially in the colder months when materials tend to stiffen. This exceptional level of softness elevates the collection, offering unparalleled comfort during your rides.

Revolutionary eShock Technology

We've taken our eShock technology to the next level. The boots in the eAirshock Collection have been meticulously redesigned to be significantly narrower than the classic eShock models by altering the shell shape that contains the liquid. This change, however, does not compromise protection. In fact, they offer the same level of protection while being approximately 3 times safer in case of impact compared to other offerings on the market, setting a new standard in safety and confidence for every rider.

Buy now the eAirshock Collection – Where Innovation Meets Equestrian Excellence.

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