eQuick EQFlexia is an innovative and revolutionary model of stirrups, designed to improve riders performances and comfort.
The suspension system of eQuick EQFlexia gives to the rider an incredible stability and feeling. In every situation the stirrups are stable in their position and thanks to the front and back flex they improve rider’s equilibrium reducing stress to ankles and knees.

Thanks to the elliptic shape of the threads riders can have optimum grip and full control of the stirrups in all the conditions.
Threads can flex up to 14° backward and 10° forward absorbing vibrations and helping the riders to keep the right position giving perfect adherence in each phases of the jump. With eQuick EQFlexia you can experience the best performance and comfort whatever your discipline.

Safety shape is another key factor of eQuick EQFlexia stirrups; tiptoe hanging and full hanging are almost impossible thanks to the shape of the branches and the movement of the threads. Safety first.


Weight: 555g
Tread dimensions: 118x118mm
Many different customization are possible on the branches, we can print custom patches with requested logos/colors
7 adjustable stainless steel pins for each thread for optimum grip
Stirrups are made of 70% nylon and 30% fiber glass

EQ Flexia Orange

SKU: 8056446157862
€ 289,00Price
Color: Orange

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